Our Story

In 2007 when our lead pastor, Jesper was 17 years old, he felt God calling him to plant a church in a big metropolis city, though he didn’t know where or when.

So already from his teenage years, Jesper had a clear sense of calling. He wanted to start a church that could reach people far from Christ and disciple them. A church that could train up leaders and sent them out to plant more churches and a church that could show God’s love through work of justice.

That dream took a big step seven years later. At this time Jesper had been a young adult pastor for 3 years for a big group of young adults.

He felt the Holy Spirit talk to him about taking his first step regarding the dream on his heart. He was going to plant a church in a city called Aarhus. It’s the second biggest city in Denmark and it’s a big university city.

Jesper told the senior leadership at his current church about his dream and what he felled called to do and they decided to support Jesper in all they could. Jesper asked around 10 people in his young adult group to come along and start this church with him.

We decided to call the new church Haven, because it symbolized what kind of church we wanted to be.

After 9 months focused community and vision building, Haven Aarhus launched in September 2015, at a Music Venue in downtown Aarhus.
Haven Aarhus was officially started.

Jesper knew that this might only be for a season, because he still had a vision of planting a church in a metropolis city and he wanted to build a network of churches with the same mission.

This was where we were starting though.

Over the last couple of years, God has really done some amazing things through our church and lives has been change because of his grace.

Not long after the initial launch of Haven Aarhus, Jesper starts dating his future wife, Kira Stawski. Kira is Canadian and Jesper is Danish. Before they started to date, they discussed their callings and dreams. They were totally compatible, and they were open to where God would lead them in the future.

In March 2016, Kira calls Jesper up and tell him, that she thinks they are called to go to Toronto. Jesper’s initial thoughts was absolutely not, however he promised to pray about it. Though after Jesper starts praying about it, he feels his heart turn around and feels how his heart burns.

When Kira and Jesper go to Toronto together for the first time, they both feel like this is the place to go in the future.

The calling was even more confirmed through prayer, prophetic words and intuition.

Jesper tells his leadership team in Haven Aarhus about the dreams on his heart and that he feels a calling to go to Toronto and start another church.

He presents his vision of building on with Haven and plant another Haven church. Then after 6 hard working months, then in January 2018 we presented our vision of Haven Toronto and launch Haven Network.

The last year we have been preparing for the next big step, which is Haven Toronto and we hope and pray that God will sent people that can help build on with this narrative…