Core Theology

Havens core ideology is the foundation which Haven ideologically is built on. Our core ideology answer questions such as: Why does Haven exist? What is our mandate? What is our vision? Who are we? What is our principles?

Haven’s Mission

We exist to change the world by making disciples, planting churches, and ending injustice.

Haven’s Global Vision

Imagine 1,000 Haven churches with at least 100 members in each church spread across the globe.

Haven’s Local Vision

Each local Haven church has their own vision for their context.

Haven’s Core Values

  • Inclusive
    We are an inclusive church where there is room for everyone, no matter who you are, where you are from or what you have done. We make an effort to make sure that everyone feels welcome and included.
  • Generous
    We are a generous church that gives out of our time and life, to love, serve and bring God’s Kingdom to earth. We use our financial resources to bless, build, and help wherever we find needs. We are first and foremost generous, because God was generous to us.
  • Excellence
    We are a church that always strive to do our very best, nothing more and nothing less. We do this to love people and give them the very best. Excellence is the opposite of indifference. We always strive to improve all that we do and we are devoted to learning and growing.
  • Healthy
    We are a church where to be healthy means everything to us, and this is applicable to all areas of life. We think holistically and value balance. We have a culture of vulnerability, authenticity and transparency.
  • Family
    We are a big family in Haven that celebrates together and suffers together. We are a family that takes care of each other, loves each other, and serves each other. We also help each other grow in our relationship with Jesus, so that we can become more like him.

Haven’s Principles
In Haven, a principle is a conviction that guides us. These principles help guides us in our decisions, leadership, and everyday life. These principles explain who we are and what we as a network highly esteem.

  1. Gospel-centered
    We believe that the gospel changes everything; it is the foundation for our church and network. Therefore, we are a gospel-driven church that has it in the center of everything we say and do.
  2. Ecumenical
    We believe that ecumenical cooperation between different churches strengthens God’s Kingdom and creates unity. In Haven we get involved in ecumenical work - we want to be a blessing to other churches and we make an effort to gain their respect and favour.
  3. Theology
    We believe that all Christians should have a great love for theology and a desire to become better theologians, so they may know, love, and obey God even more. In Haven, theology is at the center of our identity.
  4. Leadership
    We believe that everything stands and falls on leadership. All great leadership leads to health and prosperity, whereas bad leadership leads to dysfunction and downfall. Therefore, we focus on leadership and training new leaders. We want to create leaders that are humble, hungry, and healthy.
  5. Missional Focus
    We believe that one of the most important tasks the church has is to reach people with the gospel. For that reason, we have an important missional focus, where we do whatever it takes to bring the gospel to the lost.
  6. Discipleship
    We believe that the aim for each individual person is to become more like Jesus. That is why we are devoted to discipleship and to help people reach that goal.
  7. Authenticity
    We believe that people are hungry for authenticity and as disciples of Jesus we must be trustworthy and always speak truthfully. Therefore, we aim to be authentic in all we say and do.
  8. Apologetics
    We believe that we must be ready to give a defense to anyone who asks for an account for the hope that is in us. Because of this, apologetics is a very important tool and we will work hard to equip Christians in it.
  9. Spiritual Gifts
    We believe that God has given his church spiritual gifts to build up the body and to testify to the gospel. For that reason, we will cultivate the spiritual gifts in the members of Haven, so that they will be expressed in the life of the church and in an everyday context.