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Next Steps


Building the church brick by brick


One of the biggest highlights of the month is our DNA night.

It happens on the first Thursday in every month.

Our DNA nights are evenings for everyone that calls Haven their home church.

DNA Night is similar to a service in structure, but they serve two different purposes. DNA night focuses on the four circles (see below) with the aim for us to be better equipped to be a church after God’s own heart.

Four Circles of DNA


Online & Physical


Every three months our DNA nights will happen in a physical location in Toronto. It will be an evening of worship and teaching on one of the four circles. It will offer you encouragement to inspire your month!


The rest of our DNA nights throughout the year will happen online. This will save you commuting time and will give us the opportunity to bring in speakers from around the world. The schedule below will make clear which DNA nights are in person, and which ones are online.

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