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#OnMission – A Day of Justice

Eradicating injustice in Toronto one person at a time

Our Dream for the City

A key element of what we want to do as a church is to bring God’s mercy and justice to our city, nation and the world and through that restore it.

God loves the poor and the marginalized and we do as well. We want to eradicate as much injustice as possible.

One of the many things we dream of doing for our city is having one week a year – from Sunday to Sunday - where we mobilize everyone in Haven to demonstrate God’s love through acts of mercy in Toronto.

During that week, we will partner with various businesses and non-profits to make a dent in injustice in Toronto. This will expose the people of Haven to various initiatives happening throughout Toronto, and also encourage continual, regular engagement with these businesses and non-profits.

But before we can run, we need to learn how to walk, so we are starting with one day.

#OnMission – A Day of Justice

Our #OnMission day is taking place on September 11th.

If you are part of Haven or just passionate about ending injustice, then this is a day you have to be a part of! It’s a day where we get to love of our city and demonstrate God’s love for them in action.

We will be focusing on three areas: Refugees, the Homeless & the Elderly.

You can read more on the link on top that’s called #OnMission!

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